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Modded World Freezing after entering the nether and teleporting (1.20.1)

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Ive encountered this issue before, however not to this scale. When i TP in the nether via Xaeros world Map my game sometimes just freezes, like i can still play however no blocks will drop, i cant hit mobs (they also wont move), my hunger and health stay the same even if im in lava or falling, and chunks wont load as if time itself just stopped. Previously after loading into my world id have a small interval where id be able to respawn or tp back to my base and avoid this crash, but now i don't, i just load into this frozen state, ive done everything, used NBTExplorer, tried to tp back, tried to use commands (don't even work), deleted config files, replaced config files, deleted JEI and all the other solutions I've seen people posting. The game would only crash if i force exited or spammed the save and quite button, where this error log appears: 


Theres more to the error report but i guess this should be enough to pin point my problem? if anyone knows how to fix this id be very thankful. 

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