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[1.7.2] setting up NetBeans project


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not entirely sure if this would be the right area but I don't exactly see a specific place for dev environments...


after messing about with the files for more then 4 hours, trying to get something working in NetBeans, I cant for my life get everything together, of course I have everything working in eclipse but NetBeans is unable to import the workplace and with all the drastic changes in 1.7 everything is moved about and none of the existing tutorials are of any help...


so has anyone set up a NetBeans project with the latest forge releases? of course I could just use eclipse but I'd rather not have to meddle with 2 dozen plugins to get it close to industry standards...

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Month and a half has gone by, hope you have found a solution already but just in case....


I installed the Gradle Support plugin in Netbeans 7.4 and then used the standard "Open Project" option in Netbeans.


I pointed the Open Project dialog at the directory that I have unzipped the Forge Src zip into.  There is a build.gradle file in that directory.


The project opened and I was presented with an example mod that after correcting the Blocks.dirt.func_149739_a() to Blocks.dirt.getLocalizedName(), builds and gives me the ~/build/libs/modid-1.0.jar that would be expected for that Example mod.


Copied the modid-1.0.jar to the .minecraft/mods/1.7.2 directory and it seems to work fine.


The src/main/java and src/main/resources directories contain the files for the Example Mod in case you are looking for the place to put yours.


If you do a "Clean and Build" in Netbeans, expect it to fail.  There seems to be a problem with creating the build directory after it is deleted during the "Clean and Build".  Doing a "Clean" followed by "Build" works or a second "Clean and Build" seemed to also work.

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