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Block with specific items for placing them show up twice in NEI

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Is there any way to fix this without using the NEI API?


I have a set of custom door blocks and items for placing them, and NEI wants to list both blocks AND their items (which it interestingly enough does not do with vanilla doors).

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If you have an item to place your block, it should extend ItemBlock and its class should be registered with your block.

GameRegistry.registerBlock(Block, Class<?extends ItemBlock>, String);

You also don't need to initialize and register this item yourself.

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Edit: The bug is fixed. Now I have another problem.


Previously my doors had an Item an a Block. The Block had a texture consisting of two pieces and the item had another texture that was flat projected like vanilla doors.


However, now that I changed the Item to an ItemBlock, it now uses the lower Block texture. This is not right at all! I even pass the ItemBlock the texture it SHOULD use, but it seems to override it.

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