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[1.7.2] replacements for connectionHandler events ?

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I need the replacement methods for 1.6.x's IConnectionHandler, namely connectionReceived (server side) and connectionClosed (client side).

Specificity connectionReceived was triggered after the mod version check etc but before world loading.


This is for a mod that needs to register/de-register something client side, and the server sends the details as a event when the client connects. I'm storing the data so it can be removed by the client.


I've found a few different classes that deal with this, but no obvious way to subscribe to the events or to insert my own event handler.

This is the last thing I need to release my mod, my netty code works, I just need the trigger to send it.

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OK I've got two @SubscribeEvent handlers

Neither of them work for my purposes.


This one is called when the Player is connected, which does work most of the time.

However sometimes the data is needed before the world loads, which causes a crash.

public void onPlayerLoggedIn(PlayerLoggedInEvent event)


called earlier, seems ideal, but as client isn't initialized at this point, the packet send isn't received.

I cut and pasted the packet send code into two classes, the other is a CommandBase (server chat command) so common code in both.

public void onClientConnected (ServerConnectionFromClientEvent event)


It's all very frustrating, the data is akin to block ids, needs to be registered before it tries to use it.

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