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Quarantine - A Minecraft Movie/Series - Episode one



Captain Bruno Santiago and his crew crashed near a mysterious Island, during the crash the captain passed out and awakened to find an empty ship, he sets off in a raft to the Island to look for the crew, he shortly becomes aware that the Island isn't what it seems, things don't all add up, until he meets the "Doc". Bruno shortly discovers that there was a tragic accident, where a leathel plaque was released onto the island which allowed "mind control" people.



This story is a Zombie/Thriller movie series, written by myself (Slakkerz) and Jordan (Zakkiie)


This is my first attempt at making a Movie/Series in any game, so please be kind and leave decent constructive critism.

I look forward to reading the comments and will work on producing the second episode.


If anyone has any idea's to improve the series please don't be shy and let me know, thanks a million


I hope you all enjoy xD



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No other way to say it.

This is fucking brilliant, thank you for all the time you put into this and hopefully more episodes to come. Was extremely good to watch and hope the community that watches this grows.

Any possibility at allowing other people to know how long an episode to takes for videotaping and actual setup time beforehand?

Only problem (for me) was that sometime the permanent optifine zoom sometimes ends up not being pointed the right way entirely (like going through the 1x2 tunnels). But otherwise this feature was utilized very well.

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