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[1.7.2] [SOLVED] How to add tools and armor?


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Like diesieben07 said, without more description it can be impossible for us to know what is going on.


Are you getting error messages? Are there no errors but the models aren't showing up?


The first thing I am reminded of when I boot into 1.6.4 is that my items have ID numbers. This won't work in 1.7, you need ID strings (Don't quote me on this, I'm installing the latest forge to test this theory). Did you convert your ID numbers?

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There are no difficulties to port tools and armors to 1.7.2

I don't remember to have got difficulties when i ported mines,

Maybe the rendering and armormaterial was a bit different, but nothing really annoying.


The main problem is partial deobfuscation that forces you to make educated guess to find the right method and variables.

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