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Forge 3.4.9 Build 171 don't work with Smart Moving 9.5


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Actually Forge is able to load this mod and to make it running.


The problem is that it completely lacks any special moves which must be visible in Smart Moving 9.5. For example I can't see how Steve swim or stretch hands when climbing.


I've got everything needed for this mod. If I use simple ModLoader I can see all the special animations and stuff. With Forge they just do not appear. The functionality of the mod remains the same..


Can someone fix this ?

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I found the problem..


Forge have "we.class" witch is also used by "Render Player API". Since I install Forge last it overwrites the file and makes the problem.


ModLoader don't have such class and thats why he was working fine from the beginning.


Anyway with "Render Player API" after "Forge" everything works fine now (I can see the special movements..)


P.S. And I know that "Render Player API" is only optional for Smart Moving, but I need it for other mods and that's why it was important to be in the package..

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