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[idea / WIP site] Online edition of the Javadocs.


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Well, I want to provide the Javadocs online. ATM i'm uploading them to my webserver. But it came to my intention that you amazing people don't want that to happen.


My question: Are you fine with me uploading them as soon they are available?


My reason: Well some people like Me and my friend are working on a project, but sometimes we have questions about things, or make tutorial's for certain things. but we want to sent each other to the documentation of a certain thing. So i set them online, so people can directly link to the correct page. I will upload the latest from forge-1.7.2- And At the top will be the recommended one.


Also I hope I dont break any rule, but i have the page done for now. and i will add the following Javadocs from now on.

Here is the page: http://dutchminecraftmodteam.iblogger.org/ForgeJavadocs/


Note 1: I have there a disclaimer that says it's NOT my work. I only host the site online.

Note 2: I also dont get ANY money from the site due to no ads or anything like that.

Note 3: Yes i'm a noob im PHP, so it's all in HTML. :/ BUT I will update it ASAP as there is a Forge update!


Also If you want me to take it down, because you think you totally dislike the page. Just post it here with all the hate. I can take it! or message me. And I will remove it ASAP from my server.


As last I want to thank you all for the hard work you have done for the community! It's stunning me every time you add something new. Thanks allot.









PS. English isn't my first language and I will fix any misspells and language derps.

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