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Is the "not working with external launcher" problem getting fixed??


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So i know about this version of forge not working with external launchers but I want to ask if theres anyway to fix it and if yes , is it getting worked on?

And if not why don't have this version forge that dosent work with external launchers and the other version that works both for download??

Anyways thx for the guys behind forge for all the hard work.

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Forge works perfectly fine with external launchers, what do you mean?

Some launcher do stupid stuff like use the applet without implementing a callback, but that's the launcher issue, and is really easy for them to rectify.

I do Forge for free, however the servers to run it arn't free, so anything is appreciated.
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Yes, if you can indicate the launcher that is not working we can work with the author of that launcher and get it compatible...


Not the OP, but sk89q's launcher is the only one I've had problems with. I tried fixing the issue in SK's code myself, but it's completely the part I was looking at was undocumented :P.


Edit: It's caused by the fact that Forge tries to interface with net.minecraft.Launcher, which doesn't exist in most alternative launchers.

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