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updating from 1.6 to 1.7 Gui not displaying


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So I recently started updating my stuff to 1.7 which in this case is a faster furnace. I have been mainly just getting all the stuff by looking at the vanilla furnace from 1.6 and 1.7, comparing and contrasting them to make a new furnace for 1.7. The block places and everything but when I can't get the Gui to appear. From adding some debug code I have found out that the onBlockActivated() is calling the openGui(), other than that haven't been able to track it down. But if I were to bet anything it will be either the GuiHandler or the Register in the main modding class because I could find references for those.


No errors are thrown except for texture issues but I never setup textures except for the Gui.

I made pastebins so that I could point out most likely causes.


Main Modding Class


lines: 37, 39, 148, 149. Didn't know exactly how to adjust for the update so I kinda winged it.


Block Class



TileEntity Class



Gui Handler



Gui Class



Container Class



Don't judge still learning how all this stuff works.

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I see what you mean with it being a forge method looking at it again and I don't know why i said vanilla cause I looked at that method before. The original problem is eclipse autofilling it filled the parameters and put in the wrong info and I never got the error.  So it should be player.openGui(Rustic.instance, Rustic.guiIdCookStove, world, x, y, z); and that calls the FMLNetwrok handler and uses this to refer to the player. Is that correct? Sorry if I seem like an idiot, still learning the whole concept of everything that's going on.

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