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[1.7.2] Force bow stance with custom item


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Hi all,


My question is - I want to force the player into a drawn bow stance at all times while HOLDING my Item (My Item does not extend ItemBow, and I don't think I can do that for my own reasons).

Preferably I want the player to not slow down in movement while doing this as well. Any way to do this?


Thanks for any help!

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The bow stance is rendered in ModelBiped, called from RenderPlayer; when the item in use has EnumAction.bow, it sets the "aimedBow" field in the player's armor, chest armor, and main biped models to true.


You may be able to get away with simply doing the same (i.e. setting the value) in a Pre RenderPlayerEvent if the player is holding your item, otherwise you will probably have to snatch the actual rendering code out of ModelBiped and the armor models and try rendering those at the Post RenderPlayerEvent - on second thought, that will likely give you two models overlaying each other, in which case you may need to completely cancel the player render event and substitute it with your own rendering.


Another alternative, if you are able, would be to use ASM to insert a check for your item into the RenderPlayer code - to minimize potential conflicts, you can just add it as an additional check, rather than modifying any of the currently existing code.


Those are all the options I can think of, anyway :P

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Where would I find the PreRenderPlayer/PostRenderPlayer events? I don't see them in the Event reference (http://www.minecraftforge.net/wiki/Event_Reference).


As you said I realized that returning EnumAction.bow for GetItemUseAction puts the player in a bow stance and if I setItemInUse every update that it is held, (and give a long item max use duration) it appears to be held the way I want it, and even for some reason does not slow down the player (I guess minecraft does that only while mouse is down).


This solution works, however it makes it so that OnItemRightClick, and OnPlayerStoppedUsing are never called so i have to call them manually from the client's update (when mouse is up/down) and send packets about it to the server. It's a very hacky solution, so i'd like to hook the player renderer as you said if I can, as that seems much more proper. Also I'd also like to avoid ASM if possible.




So I created my own

class MyPlayerRenderer extends RenderPlayer

and registered it with

RenderingRegistry.registerEntityRenderingHandler(EntityPlayer.class, new MyPlayerRenderer());


Now to render the bow stance I overrode renderLivingAt With

protected void renderLivingAt(
		AbstractClientPlayer par1AbstractClientPlayer, double par2,
		double par4, double par6) {
	ItemStack currItem = par1AbstractClientPlayer.getCurrentEquippedItem();
	if (currItem.getItem() instanceof BaseItem)
		if (((BaseItem)currItem.getItem()).type == 0 || currItem.stackTagCompound.getBoolean("mouseDown"))
			this.modelBipedMain.aimedBow = true;

	super.renderLivingAt(par1AbstractClientPlayer, par2, par4, par6);

This works perfectly for third person view but how do I get it to render the arm also in first person with the item held like an aimed bow?


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