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[1.7.2] World of Dogs - Cutest Mod Ever! - New Version!


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World of Dogs

Cutest Mod Ever!



Beta version is now released!



"Are you ready for cuteness? Are you ready to see the unbelievable in Minecraft? Are you ready for a brand new world? Then you are ready for World of Dogs!"


Puppy the IV-th


World of Dogs: Cutest Mod Ever! Beta version is now released with dogs, the cute dimension, taming, breeding and more! Download the cuteness mod, suggest new features and share!




x  \  /\  /      | \    x          World of Dogs beta version has been released with very much other cool        x

x  \/  \/  o  | /    x  stuff like a new dimension, cute dogs & puppies, new tools, armor and even more!  x







The Cute Dimension:

width=800 height=5001MoPSog.png?1 [/img]


The Puppy Armor buffs:



The Dog Armor look:



Some of the items & blocks:








+ a brand new ore: Doggy Ore

+ The Cute Dimension

+ new tools: Dog  Tools & Puppy Tools

+ new armor: Dog Armor & Puppy Armor, with Buffs when worn!

+ The Magical Dog Wand, The Magical Doggy Wand and The Magical Puppy Wand

+ New building blocks: Bricks, Stairs,  Slabs & More

+ Cute Mobs: Dogs & Puppies

+ And more!

Current and upcoming features:


World of Dogs wiki:



Mod Talk (where you can propose new features and talk about it):





Want cuteness? Download it here:



If you like this mod, please reply what should be added in the beta version!

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0.1.3 Pre Alpha!


+ Changed texture for The Magical Dog Wand and also added crafting recipe!

+ New: The Magical Doggy Wand!

+ More armor: Puppy Armor

+ More tools: Puppy Tools

+ And More!


+ New Bricks: Dog Bricks, Doggy Bricks & Puppy Bricks!

+ New Stairs: Dog, Doggy & Puppy!

+ And More!


Changelog: http://worldofdogs.wikia.com/wiki/Download#Changelog

Download Mod: http://worldofdogs.wikia.com/wiki/Download#Download

Wiki: http://worldofdogs.wikia.com/

Mod Talk: http://worldofdogs.wikia.com/wiki/World_of_Dogs_Mod_Wiki_talk:Community_Portal


If you have any suggestion or if you want to report a bug, reply to this post or to the Mod Talk above without having to create an account!

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err... where are the dogs? this looks like an armor mod+ 3 blue blocks


The Dogs are added, but in the beta version. Sorry!

First, I need to fix some bugs (model render problem, moving sideways and sitting animation).

Also, this update will be in a few days and hopefully I'll fix these problems. In the next update I might add also a Github for source code and the portal to the dimension.


Also, I need to know how much Dog Ore spawns and some suggestions :)

Also, for survival maybe try and tell me how hard is to find the ore and how hard is to use the stuff! I can test this because I made it and I know everything and you know, it's easy for a creator to do everything in a mod...


Please reply! It makes me feel like somebody is actually likes my mod :D


P.S. I'll add on the wiki a new page about updates and maybe beta versions download!

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New version released: 1.0 Beta!


-- Features: --

+ The Cute Dimension - finally added! (Sorry for the bad textures)

+ Cute Dogs & Puppies with breeding and taming!

+ And More!

Download link:



Please reply on this forum or here what should be added next! Current plans are: textures and dimension fixing!

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New version will be released soon!

Upcoming features:

+ Cute Trees!

+ Cute Wood and Leaves!

+ New mobs: Cute Zombies!

+ New flowers!

+ New building blocks!

+ And more!

Download current version:http://worldofdogs.wikia.com/wiki/Download#Download



Mod talk:http://worldofdogs.wikia.com/wiki/World_of_Dogs_Mod_Wiki_talk:Community_Portal

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