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    • Previous time I've tried to make this mod, I tried to start with this. the problem is, this event is not called, if you're using 1st perspective view (default one). But I want for player to see entity from any perspective. Of cource, I solved this problem with overriding one more event - something about GUI. But this requires twice as much render methods, and separate matrixStack transformations - GUI matrix at start is bound to camera pos and rotation, when RenderPlayerEvent just to PlayerEntity's position. But yeah, that rendered without any shaking and so on. How would I get it? Should I store last tick pos separately, because It looks like Entity.lastTickPos- variables store position at begining of current tick. Actually, I don't really get how Entity.prevPos- and Entity.lastTickPos- differ - as I can see, the only place they are reassigned is Entity#forceSetPosition(double x, double y, double z), and here is reassignment: this.prevPosX = x; this.prevPosY = y; this.prevPosZ = z; this.lastTickPosX = x; this.lastTickPosY = y; this.lastTickPosZ = z; ... Isn't it what I've done here?: Or again, should I calculate speed by myself? How would I do that? Also, using owner's motion gets less jumping than using it's own motion, I suspect no matter what it's motion is always 0, despite I'm calling MyEntity.setMotion(owner.getMotion()); every tick on both client and server.   EDIT: And where can I see minecraft doing this things? None of renderers are handling that, they're just using matrixStack to render what they need, not even calling entity#getMotion(). Should I use some event?
    • If you want to use Bukkit, use Bukkit (or whatever the current name for that project is). If you want to use Forge, use Forge.   They are not cross compatible and ForgeBukkit is basically dead.
    • Are there any Mods that support the installation of the Bukkit plugin? Or other methods? help me!
    • I do intend on reusing it. But i meant if forge had (up to date, even 1.15 didn't have them)javadocs though, not HashSet. Granted, you can just use the "find usages" function but i didn't know about that.
    • @DavidM--I want to render only a few blocks that way, if that helps the situation. I don't even want to extend that [0, 15] light level limit, but I was just hoping to lower the light value of some custom blocks by changing their light value in broad sunlight.
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