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"final" disapears between FML and Forge's Tessellator.java


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In a vanilla MCP copy "MCP_LOC\src\minecraft\net\minecraft\src\Tessellator.java" the "instance" field is marked final

public static final Tessellator instance = new Tessellator(2097152);


When you clone FML and run the setupbuildenviorment it produces the following in "MCP_LOC\src_work" and "MCP_LOC\src"

public static final Tessellator field_78398_a = new Tessellator(2097152);


However, in Forge's src_base, which in theory should be the same as FML's src_work folder, I have

public static Tessellator instance = new Tessellator(2097152);


Somewhere between Forge and FML that final disappeared, but for the life of me I can not figure out where this happened. The only place I could think to check is Tessellator.java.patch in forge, but that patch does not change that line of Tessellator.java. Also FML does not patch Tessellator.java at all.


This is being done with Forge commit 7828ff9 and FML 8656fd5.

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