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CJB Mods still having issues


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I have tried both the latest Forge version (.245) and the latest Recommended (.241) and I am still getting the same black screen right after the Mojang logo on the CJB modules:


- Items

- Itemspawner

- Chat

- Cheats

- Quickcraft


I started from a clean Minecraft install prior to both Forge installs and CJB Modules are the only ones installed.  These modules do work fine with Modloader.  Attached are the errors for each module.

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I can certainly understand the programming issues you are facing.  Unfortunately, I'm still having the same issues with Forge .246.  Not sure why it works with RML but not with FML, but it's probably time to just concede that these modules simply are not compatible and the author will need to take on the responsibility of making them so rather than changing FML for these few modules.  I have attached the logs anyway, just in case you were curious.


Thank you so much for working on this so quickly.  I really love the features of Forge and will simply not use mods that aren't compatible; there are far too many good mods that are compatible to bother with those that aren't.




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They are working for me with FML build 356. With regard to forge, they may not be compatible with the additional base edits forge makes, though I don't see why that would be the case. I tested all CJB mods except xray and the PlayerAPI dependent mod.

Note: you need to force CJB_MAIN to load first: add a 0 (zero) in front of it, and it'll work.

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