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One block different textures


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How do you have a Block class were you can select what texture you want? The getIcon method doesn't work. It will change all the types of the Block. I want them to be changed interdependently.


I hope you can help me :D

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You need a  TileEntity with TileEntitySpecialRenderer for this. 


Alternatively, you can use a block with metadata.  That will let you choose from up to 16 different textures for each block, varied independently.


A quick google should find you a number of tutorials on both of these.




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Every block location in the world not only stores the Block ID, but also a 2nd number, called metadata. For performance and memory reasons this number can only reach from 0 to 15 inclusive (16 states). It is used by e.g. the furnace, dispenser, etc. to store which direction it is facing, but you can use it for whatever you want.


You can set it by using world.setBlockMetadataWithNotify to set only the metadata or pass it to world.setBlock directly, together with the Block.


Then in the getIcon method of your Block you get 2 parameters, one of them is the metadata, read the javadoc to find out which. Then you can return different Icons based on the metadata.

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