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    • It could also be that I don't have all my dependencies, and knowing my stupidity, it probably is missing a few. Here is a picture of my mod list (disregard the "mod" folder, it doesn't have anything in it)  
    • First, off, I have a lot of mods. If this is what is affecting everything, then that makes since, but I've tried it with way less mods and is still finicky.   I'm getting mods for a playthrough, and I wanted to test them before I started. With all the mods in my mods folder for Forge 1.12.2, which as far as I know if the most up-to-date version of Forge 1.12.2, it crashed while launching. I've tried increasing the ram, nothing. I've tried cutting out a lot of mods, still not working. The only time I got it to work was with only a few mods, none of which affected the actual game other than performance (Optifine, FoamFix, VanillaFix, BetterFPS, etc.). I will attach the latest log at the end, which is one with all the mods installed. I did find a fatal error saying something about I was using the incorrect version, but now my logs don't mention fatal errors at all. I have no clue where to go with this, so if I could get help, that would be great!   Log: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/Fm5fQ9FNPW/
    • # This is an example mods.toml file. It contains the data relating to the loading mods. # There are several mandatory fields (#mandatory), and many more that are optional (#optional). # The overall format is standard TOML format, v0.5.0. # Note that there are a couple of TOML lists in this file. # Find more information on toml format here: https://github.com/toml-lang/toml # The name of the mod loader type to load - for regular FML @Mod mods it should be javafml modLoader="javafml" #mandatory # A version range to match for said mod loader - for regular FML @Mod it will be the forge version loaderVersion="[31,)" #mandatory This is typically bumped every Minecraft version by Forge. See our download page for lists of versions. # A URL to refer people to when problems occur with this mod issueTrackerURL="https://github.com/Twocoolguy/StaffUtils.java/issues" #optional # A list of mods - how many allowed here is determined by the individual mod loader [[mods]] #mandatory # The modid of the mod modId="macrokeys" #mandatory # The version number of the mod - there's a few well known ${} variables useable here or just hardcode it version="${file.jarVersion}" #mandatory # A display name for the mod displayName="MacroKeys" #mandatory # A URL to query for updates for this mod. See the JSON update specification <here> updateJSONURL="https://github.com/Twocoolguy/StaffUtils.java/" #optional # License license="MIT License" # A URL for the "homepage" for this mod, displayed in the mod UI displayURL="https://github.com/Twocoolguy/StaffUtils.java/" #optional # A file name (in the root of the mod JAR) containing a logo for display logoFile="examplemod.png" #optional # A text field displayed in the mod UI credits="Thanks for this example mod goes to Java" #optional # A text field displayed in the mod UI authors="Love, Cheese and small house plants" #optional # The description text for the mod (multi line!) (#mandatory) description=''' MacroKeys mod which was created by TurtlesAreHot. It is used for running commands on 1.15.2 with a keypress. Pressing v - activates vanish Pressing h - activates pickup off hitnotify on vanish Pressing j - activates pickup on hitnotify off vanish Pressing p - closes the most recently opened ticket Pressing k - teleports you to the most recently created ticket. More may come in the future! Version 1.3 ''' # A dependency - use the . to indicate dependency for a specific modid. Dependencies are optional. [[dependencies.examplemod]] #optional # the modid of the dependency modId="forge" #mandatory # Does this dependency have to exist - if not, ordering below must be specified mandatory=true #mandatory # The version range of the dependency versionRange="[31,)" #mandatory # An ordering relationship for the dependency - BEFORE or AFTER required if the relationship is not mandatory ordering="NONE" # Side this dependency is applied on - BOTH, CLIENT or SERVER side="BOTH" # Here's another dependency [[dependencies.examplemod]] modId="minecraft" mandatory=true versionRange="[1.16.4]" ordering="NONE" side="BOTH"   I read that and do not understand what it is referring to. Considering I have the license set in the toml file I don't understand how I could be missing the "license information". Is there something I am missing?
    • I am using Minecraft.getMinecraft().thePlayer.swingItem(); and I want it to to hit players and mobs and not just swing. Right now it will swing, but it wont actually attack/damage a player or mob
    • Seems pretty self explanatory to me.
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