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Just a comment, it's generally considered best practice to name your classes starting with a capital, and your objects starting with a lower case



ModelRenderer muzzle


ModelRenderer Muzzle


Apart from that - I suspect the crash might be something to do with the fact that you're creating a Muzzle in the constructor of ModelPowerBeam using this, but then you call a method on the Muzzle before the ModelPowerBeam has finished constructing, i.e. the "this" is not valid yet.  I'm kind of fuzzy on the details but I'm pretty sure that's a really bad idea if the method uses the this.


Do you know how to use breakpoints?  That would be the most direct way to troubleshoot this.  If you don't, you really should, it makes things so much easier and won't take you long to learn






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>Also, in one of my other models I used this in the constructor and it seemed to work fine... Using breakpoints also showed that this is infact ModelPowerBeam at that point...


Hmmm.  It still makes me nervous.  Perhaps ModelPowerBeam only looks like it's valid, even though 'this' is not null.



So when you're using the breakpoint and stepping through line by line, which variable is null (causes the NPE) then?



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Line 89-90 of ModelRenderer:

TextureOffset textureoffset = this.baseModel.getTextureOffset(par1Str);   

this.setTextureOffset(textureoffset.textureOffsetX, textureoffset.textureOffsetY);


You need to set your texture offsets first.



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