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I recommend getting pistons plus it will give you pistons that can reach 4 blocks. Makes trap doors of any kind easy. Since you can just make a 3x3 slap and push it left to right. Other than that you have too do it the hard way of pull all but the center out wards. Then center will be pulled down and pulled sideways again by more pistons. Don't know how you didn't find tuts on it took me 3 secs

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what im trying to do is make it so the trap door is flush with the ground above it, not sunk down one block, i got all of it to work but the middle one

There are quite a variety of Youtube videos that can show you, not able to search right now where I am, but they are common.


The RedPower2 mod also has Frames, you can make very easy arbitrarily sized doors with those, and a rather large ton more.

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