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Question: Adding Mods to an Existing Server


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Hi folks,


I'm looking to add a mod to my daughter's server that will make combat a bit more interesting.  I've looked over a number of them and have decided on one called Power of the Elements ( http://www.minecraftdl.com/power-of-elements-mod/ ).  I really like the look of it, however, I have a question.  This mod adds new block types to your world, and we are playing on an existing world.  Can you install a mod like this on a pre-existing world?  It doesn't seem like you could to me, since the world has already been rendered and the mod adds new blocks, but I wanted to verify.


If it isn't possible, can anyone suggest fun combat mods that you can add to an existing server?



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Well you could always do this if it only adds blocks that are only craftable but if it adds ores it is also ok as long as you haven't explored your entire world. If this is true then you just have to go to a new part of you world(a part that was never loaded). If you have any more questions just ask and I would love to help.

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1) This is NOT the place to ask that. Try the user support.

2) Yes, you can add and remove any mods you would like at any time. If you are using a pre-1.7 version you will have to configure ids in minecraft folder/config/MyExampleMod.cfg.

3) Any worldgen added by said mods will not be found in existing terrain, explore to find it.

4) Do not trust any sites for mod download other than MinecraftForum.net, CurseForge, or a mod authors website that you are sure is legitimate. minecraftdl is known to package viruses, and advertise fake/outdated mods as updated to get people to install their viruses.

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