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[1.7.2] Textures not loading after compiling


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Forge 1.7.2-


When I'm in Eclipse, all the textures of my items are ok and loading perfectly, but when I compile my mod (gradlew build) there aren't loading.

Gradlew stores them in "JavaFile --> assets --> My Mod ID --> textures --> items" it is the right folder ?


Thanks for the answer, in advance.

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Hi, thanks for the fast answer !


I looked at all these common errors (texture name not set properly, or textures stored in the wrong folder, or the upper/lower case don't match exactly) and everything is ok... ! But are the files in the good directory ? and the is it this that I need to use: .setTextureName(MODID + ":ItemName") ?

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Yes that sounds right.  If the textures work fine during a normal compile, then probably either the files are in the wrong spot or your upper/lower case don't match.


I haven't used gradlew build yet so I can't be sure; when I previously published a mod, it was in a zip with the following structure



You can use the troubleshooting information in that link to discover the actual directory / file path where forge is looking, which can give valuable clue.




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