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How do you use gradle to build mods (having used advanced initial setup)?


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The instructions for using gradle to compile mods in the tutorial only seems to be applicable when the basic setup process was used; having used the advanced initial setup (it was recommended by the first tutorial I found for setting up Forge for development with Eclipse, so I initially went with that), I ended up creating my mod in another package. However, I've noticed that the given steps for using gradle to compile this mod don't work for items in other projects. What do I need to do to compile my mod in another project than the default Forge one?


Or do I need to somehow finagle the package for my mod from the other project to the Forge one?


I'm new to Forge, having previously used Bukkit - and I'm rusty with both that and Eclipse due to not having used either for quite a while. Sorry if any of this sounds stupid.

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It's described here: http://www.minecraftforge.net/forum/index.php/topic,14048.0.html

(Also at http://bedrockminer.jimdo.com/modding-tutorials-1-7/set-up-minecraft-forge/set-up-minecraft-forge-advanced-setup/ , which is why I ended up using it in the first place.)

Basically, creating a new workspace and importing Forge into it, rather than putting your workspace in the Eclipse directory in the Forge directory. I think.


I've successfully written and run something already with this setup, so it's not that it doesn't work at all, but the steps for compiling a mod only seem to cover projects using the normal setup.

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Why? Why why why?

This is unnecessary and only causes problems. Do not do this.


Edit: The two tutorials you linked describe different things! The one on this forum is just fine.

Edit2: I am not sure if I understand things correctly. Your source code is at src/main/java right? Next to the build.gradle? If so, gradlew build will work just fine.

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Okay, I think I see where they differ. I was going to ask if you could tell me where, but I do see it, now. Thanks.


My code was elsewhere, and I recognised that was why gradle wasn't working. I was wondering if there was a way around that, but going by what you said that was a symptom of another problem.

Now I just need to work out why my code isn't working having been copied over from the original location, where it did work.

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