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[1.7.10] Client closes soon after compiling. Sound engine related?


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The stickies seem to send me in circles—I'm pretty sure this is where my post fits but let me know if it's not.


I've successfully gotten everything working with 1.7.2 by following the tutorial sticky, doing the same setup for the newest version of Forge has everything almost working but not quite...


Minecraft will compile and launch fine and I can even load my own code. But after about a minute the screen switches to "Shutting Down Server..." and the client closes all on it's own. It doesn't matter if I leave it on the menu and do nothing or jump into a world and start building, it seems to close in about the same amount of time.


Here is my log from the point of launching to the crash after I loaded up a new world. With no other code but vanilla and forge (oh and I just noticed the example mod was in there). It looks to me like the sound engine is trying to spawn itself again right before the crash, but can't figure out the exact errors.


Code doesn't seem to work inside a spoiler so here is a link http://pastebin.com/MsascmbW


Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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