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Entity Syncronisation

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So, I am fairly sure that you only need to create/spawn entities server-side (to avoid having client-side "ghost" entities), but I don't know how to then make the client aware of the entities that are spawned server-side.


(Note that I am not referring to mobs, just entities that inherit from the base entity class)


Thanks in advance for any help!

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At the moment, the entity only exists server-side.


Is it that I am entering it into the world wrong? At the moment what I am doing is this:


Which only occurs server-side, and the entity is definitely ticking server-side so it definitely gets this far at the least.

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Yes I have registered the entity in the init phase (do I need to do it in a specific phase?)

EntityRegistry.registerGlobalEntityID(EntityQuantumEssentia.class, "qfthaum_essentia", EntityRegistry.findGlobalUniqueEntityId());

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registerGlobalEntityID is only useful if you need a vanilla spawn egg for your entity. Otherwise do not use it! It takes up precious space in the limit entity id range of vanilla entities, and doesn't actually register your Entity with the networking system.

Use registerModEntity for that, then you don't need findGlobalUniqueEntityId either, you can use any number between 0 and 255, they are per-mod.

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Ok, changing that has worked, thanks a bunch!

for the sake of anyone wondering about my final solution:

EntityRegistry.registerModEntity(EntityQuantumEssentia.class, "qfthaum_essentia", 0, this, 64, 1, true);

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I've now hit a related issue.


Put simply, I don't know how to synchronize variables inside the entity, (which usually would not be an issue unless they are used for rendering, which this is).


In this particular case the variable is set when the entity is created and will never be changed.

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