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[1.7.10] Why does this explosion not damage the player / terrain?


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Hey Modders,


I'm testing an idea of an ultra sensitive block that has to be harvested with silk touch else it will explode upon being harvested. For this, I created an event handler which subscribed to the harvest drop event and checks to see if the block was harvested with silk touch and if it isn't, it creates an explosion (Code below)


public void explosion(BlockEvent.HarvestDropsEvent event){

	if(event.block == Blocks.grass || event.block == Blocks.dirt){
		if(event.isSilkTouching == false){
			event.world.createExplosion(event.harvester, event.harvester.posX, event.harvester.posY, event.harvester.posZ, 10, false);


However, when I load up a newly generated world, I am able to mine up the block, and able to see the explosion but the terrain and the player are unaffected. Could you guys please tell me what I am missing? I've taken a look at the Creeper code as well as the TNT code and it looks to be the same (I've even tried throwing in the condition to check and see if the world is remote and it doesn't change anything)

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I'm noticing now that I am getting a pretty consistent crash with a Null Point Exception and after poking at it with a stick, it seems like the EntityPlayer is being set to null before getting passed to the create explosion.


Is there a way to make this more stable? I've thought about checking whether or not the event.Harvester is null before going to the create explosion, but is that the best way?

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One follow up question: When I implement the resulting explosion, it destroys the terrain but does not damage the player.


Is this because of the fact that I am implementing the create explosion in the event? Here's the updated code:


public void explosion(BlockEvent.BreakEvent event){
	Block block = event.block;
	EntityPlayer player = event.getPlayer();
	World world = event.world;
	int x = event.x;
	int y = event.y;
	int z = event.z;
	int blockMetadata = event.blockMetadata;

	if (!world.isRemote)
		if((block == Blocks.grass || block == Blocks.dirt) && EnchantmentHelper.getSilkTouchModifier(player)!=true) {
			world.createExplosion(player, x, y, z, 3, true);


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