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Player-based Crafting Recipes


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Sure one can.

I phrased it wrong.

I was saying something like 'portable crafter' is surely in player's inventory, but I think it is impossible with this way.

EDIT: In IRecipe#getRemainingItems(InventoryCrafting crafting), one can use ForgeHooks#getCraftingPlayer().

But there are no general way on other cases.. So the way of tutorial would be best for the case.

I. Stellarium for Minecraft: Configurable Universe for Minecraft! (WIP)

II. Stellar Sky, Better Star Rendering&Sky Utility mod, had separated from Stellarium.

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Considering how you updated your post for 1.12, I thought you might want to do it for 1.14 as well:


In 1.14, the WorkbenchContainer also has a "player" field, so the detour over the slot is no longer needed.


Instead of using reflection, I used access transformers for the CraftingInventory's container field (called field_70465_c) as well as the PlayerContainer's and WorkbenchContainer's player field:


In accesstransformer.cfg:

public net.minecraft.inventory.CraftingInventory field_70465_c # container of CraftingInventory, used for conditional crafing recipes
public net.minecraft.inventory.container.PlayerContainer field_82862_h # player of PlayerContainer, used for conditional crafting recipes
public net.minecraft.inventory.container.WorkbenchContainer field_192390_i # player of WorkbenchContainer, used for conditional crafting recipes


The findPlayer method can then be changed as follows:

private static PlayerEntity findPlayer(CraftingInventory inv) 
		Container container = inv.field_70465_c;
		if (container instanceof PlayerContainer) 
			return ((PlayerContainer) container).player;
		else if (container instanceof WorkbenchContainer) 
			return ((WorkbenchContainer) container).player;
			// don't know the player
			return null;
	catch (Exception e) 
		throw Throwables.propagate(e);


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