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    • My came crashes every time I start it up    The Message Is               Error   Game Crashed an expected issue occurred and the game has crashed. We're  sorry for the inconvenience          Exit Code: 0
    • I figured out how you might be able to do it. Use symlinks with network path and host name. Ip miight now work. \\hostname\smbshare   I currently have it working on a network share like this.
    • I have a block that I want to drop two items if the pick doesn't have silk touch. I finally made a loot table that has a group entry to drop both items but instead of dropping both it drops either one or the other. Can some please tell me what is wrong with it? { "type": "minecraft:block", "pools": [ { "rolls": 1, "entries": [ { "type": "minecraft:alternatives", "children": [ { "type": "minecraft:item", "conditions": [ { "condition": "minecraft:match_tool", "predicate": { "enchantments": [ { "enchantment": "minecraft:silk_touch", "levels": { "min": 1 } } ] } } ], "name": "coolores:cool_ore" }, { "type": "minecraft:group", "children": [ { "type": "minecraft:item", "functions": [ { "function": "minecraft:set_count", "count": { "min": 3.0, "max": 5.0, "type": "minecraft:uniform" } }, { "function": "minecraft:apply_bonus", "enchantment": "minecraft:fortune", "formula": "minecraft:uniform_bonus_count", "parameters": { "bonusMultiplier": 1 } }, { "function": "minecraft:explosion_decay" } ], "name": "coolores:cool_dust" }, { "type": "minecraft:item", "name": "coolores:cool_essence" } ] } ] } ] } ] }
    • How do I see how a chicken does it?  
    • This function is not renamed in the default 0514 mappings, but exists in 0723 and onwards. You need to update your mappings.   To do so: Join the Forge Discord server: https://discord.gg/UvedJ9m Right click the forge-bot#9014 user, and click Message Send the command !mcpv to it   It will respond something like this:   To update your mappings, enter the build.gradle file of your mod, find the line starting "mappings channel" and replace it with the one the bot gives you.   You will need to start a reimport of the Gradle project, Eclipse and IDEA will tell you how to do this upon saving the file.   Once the import finishes, the name will be available.
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