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Does anyone know why we need to use forge gradle?


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Forge is still "regular". ForgeGradle is just the system used to decompile Minecraft & Forge and later recompile and reobfuscate your mod.

The old system was a bunch of python programs that were based on the MCP code and well, just weren't a proper build system. You couldn't have dependencies without going through all sorts of hassles, etc. etc.

Basically: It was clunky, and not pretty. ForgeGradle is now based on Gradle, a proper build system so you can have regular dependencies, etc. etc. It just makes the development process a lot easier (alone the act of setting up a Git repo in the old days was a PITA. Nowadays it's a matter of minutes).

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Use BON (Bearded Octo Nemesis) to deobfuscate your mod. After that you decompile it using a standard Java decompiler, such as JD-Gui or similar. Then you can just put the resulting code into a normal forge workspace.

Thanks this answers one of my problems but, For some reason it cannot find the project file for forge and I cannot fix it

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