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Question regarding packets for resource system.

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Alright so I have a successful custom resource system called energy. A player can use items that consume it and everything works fine (it regens per tick and shows a GUI bar on the left) however it doesn't work on servers since it doesn't use packets.


Currently to drain from the bar I just call the class file and a drain function like this:




which would drain 25 energy. The problem is on a server it isn't bound to a user I guess so I'm not sure how to implement the packets to fix this.

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I see no question.


Here is one for you: where is that "energy" stored ?


So it's currently stored in NBT. My question is how would one go about implementing the packets so that it would work on servers. What I'm trying to do is make it check the energy on client side rather than client and server.




If client has this value, server does this.

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