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Forge and ID conflicts


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So just wondering... hard to search for "id conflict" and get a good results on the forum so I'll do it t his way :)

Is there a way to auto resolve ID conflicts in forge... or a plan to add one...

Just spent about 30 minutes trying to get 1.3.2 mods to run and resolving ID conflicts 1 by 1...

If there is a way, it would still be up to the mod dev to implement it... but it would be nice if mods would check for an existing config file and if it's not there to just go "hey forge... i need these X IDs, are they free?" and forge going "well number 3,6 and 8 are taken, but i can give you these instead"...


or, "worst case"... forge generating a list of all ID conflicts before MC crashes and telling you "hey, you need to replace these IDs... here's a few free IDs that might help"


something along those lines...


just look at the mc forums... there's about 70% of people asking "hey, I get this error" and then they copy/paste an ID conflict... it would prolly help out devs a lot if they don't get spammed with stuff like that... and make installing mods a lot easier...


sure, there's more important stuff to add/solve... but depending how/when the id conflicts are loaded in the source, this shouldn't be too hard to do :)

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maybe there should be a general id directory with one config file fir ids pprovided by forge that would every forge mod use and write their block and item ids in it or something like that

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You want a mod called IDResolver.  The pre-release for 1.3.2 is buried in the minecraftforum thread.  NotEnoughItems can generate a user/free ID list if you want to do it manually (or for a server, IDResolver is clientl-only).


yea but that's more busywork... i can take a week off work and code my own forge ID resolver... you shouldn't need 2 mods to do something like this... it should be something that a "framework" fixes itself... i can also go to the technic modpack and just use their excel table and edit stuff... or make my own excel table before running all the mods... or check the "shared id" table that i remember seeing on the forum here somewhere...

but the point is to make it easy for the players and modders to solve stuff like this... that was a modder can simply say "hey, i need 10 block and 5 item IDs" and forge returns a table with the IDs that are free... mod writes it's config... problem solved...

and if a mod is not using the auto-id function or for some reason there's an id conflict... forge detects the error and handles it like IDResolver does... "here's a list of stuff you need to fix, want me to do it?"


if I'm not mistaken, RP2 has the function built in it already, doesn't it? I think i remember a config setting saying resolve ID conflicts or something...


so... since it's not something that's built in it seems... is it on any todo list at all or if the official info "there's already a mod that does that?" :)

again... not really a hard thing to code... and it would reduce the number of people asking "hey, I get this error" by... a lot I guess...

only question is... how many new bugs would it bring :)

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yea... but it will still happen... mostly due to "minor" mods picking in the lower 1000s... or around 4000 to be "safe"... mod devs can't know all the other mods and what they pick... i've even had some of the big mods report conflicts from time to time... dunno if it was pre 1.3.2 tho...


personally i like having a lot of different blocks to make my houses and world look pretty :)

hm... i think portal and forestry have conflicts? :)

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I highly doubt that MC will get into a state that would make 100% automatic ID management to be feasible.

However, specifically when it comes to mods grabbing ids on first install, Forge already has the tools to make everything that uses forge to work together IF the modder decides to use it.

The 'auto id picker' from RP is actually just the getBlock function in Forge Config.


So, ID Resolver style hack and smash, probably not gunna happen without Vanilla MC introducing some things that need to be done.

But if modders take 10 seconds to call a function they can get a free ID without issue. So if you have conflicts, go yell at the modders.

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