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How Minecraft 1.8 works


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Hi all


I have started making a series of posts explaining some of the basic concepts in Minecraft 1.8 and Forge.    It's not intended to be step-by-step tutorials, instead it's a short cut to help folks understand what they're seeing when they start reading tutorials and digging through vanilla code.


The main contents page is here



As a kind of a companion to the blog, I am also creating a MinecraftByExample project on GitHub.  The point of the project is to give simple working examples of the important concepts in Minecraft and Forge, to show new modders how the key parts are put together and give them a base to start experimenting from.




Comments and suggestions very welcome, it's a work in progress.



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Perhaps... I'll add it to the list.... at the moment I'm working on converting a mod of mine to 1.8, it is taking ages.  After that I plan a few tutorials on weapon damage, storage locations for your data, redstone, and entities (in that order).  So probably not for a few months at that rate :(





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