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strange behavior for player.capabilities and /fly command

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Hi all,

i'm quite noob to mc so forgive me if this is not a bug but, when i try to let's only someplayer, including myself (i'm op), to /fly (without using any other mod but forgeessentials-1.7.10-1.4.0-beta3

this happen:


/fly repka3 chat say me:

allowflying=false  (it's not allow-flying in server properties which is already true)


so this is a player capabilities right? ok so:

/capabilities repka3 allowflying true

chat-> allowflying=true


ok now everything it's in position? let's go !

/fly repka3 ->> allowflying=false lol


Is this normal ? Am i miss something? There is some other way to fly in survival other then put allow-flying=true in server.properties and the type /fly with forge essential?


Thx in advice !


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Speak to mod author (in this case me, but I won't help you here, head for our github https://github.com/ForgeEssentials/ForgeEssentialsMain/issues )

Read the EAQ before posting! OR ELSE!


This isn't building better software, its trying to grab a place in the commit list of a highly visible github project.




Don't PM me, I don't check this account unless I have to.

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