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[1.7.10]Recipe with materials from another mod


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Hey, I read a couple old topics on this subject, but I didn't really understand them so sorry if this is repetitive. I've created a block that uses RF with the CoFH API and I want to add a recipe for it that uses an energy cell from Thermal Expansion. I'm not sure where to even start :/

All help is appreciated.

Thanks! :D

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Use GameRegistry.findItem, but make sure the mod is loaded first. You can do this with a soft or hard dependency.



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It may be freaking fucking hard though, but still possible ;)


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Hey, thanks for the reply. I tried that, but I must be doing something wrong. The game doesn't seem to recognize the recipe.

GameRegistry.addShapedRecipe(new ItemStack(ModBlocks.BlockPoweredAnvil), " c ", "iai", 'c', new ItemStack(GameRegistry.findItem("ThermalExpansion", "blockCell")), 'i', new ItemStack(Items.iron_ingot), 'a', new ItemStack(Blocks.anvil));

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