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[1.8] Dynamic Joining of Model Files [Solved-Not Recomended]


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I'm so frustrated and mentally exhausted am not sure what I type here will make since.  :-\


My block has a few base models and several overlay models.

Before 1.8 I rendered the needed base, then rendered the needed overlay on top.


I have my json files build for both the bases and overlays, and tested (by directly setting them in the blockstate json, they load correctly).

My blocks BlockStates are correctly functioning.


I'm just down to rendering, but everything so far has failed.


I'm trying to read two json model files, and create a merged model from them, that I then can register to a blockstate.


I'm back to a blank slate.


Currently in ModelBakeEvent, I've grabbed all my base & overlays as ModelBlock.





Looks like I just needed a break ;)


Not sure if there is a better way but I did get it working.





- Read json files to ModleBlock's

- Set parents for ModelBlocks's

- Read textures from ModelBlocks's and register for stitching



- Generate ModelResourceLocation

- Grab and bake needed base model and overlay model

- Merge models, new SimpleBakedModel based on base model with GeneralQuads and FaceQuads copied from both base and overlay

- Register to ModelRegistry




After further testing this method is not recommended.

It is much slower then having Minecraft load models listed the BlockState jsons.


While this would be useful for a large amount of possible combinations the ~2sec load time per model ends up being a significant delay and with few combinations there is no point in not using json files.

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