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[1.8] Totem Mod - keeping nasty monsters out of your base!


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After having some trouble while building a large crypt, being close to ragequit, I began to ask myself: How can I stop these monsters from walking through my gate without blocking it of with some dirt blocks which are looking so ugly next to my quartz and obsidian?


Are you having simiular problems? Are you blown up all the time by creepers while you are looking into your chest during your mining adventure? Are zombies waiting everywhere in your garden?


Than this mod is for you:


I present to you the Totem Mod!


This mod adds 8 new blocks, making your home a safer place!






The way you set up your protective totem is, as you can see in the picture, rather easy: First, you need a pedestal. On top of the pedestal, you place an offering to the gods. An offering can be a small offering or a great one, and the offering determines the effective range of your totem. On top of this, you place up to four totem blocks referring to a monster. ATM, you can set spiders, skeletons, zombies and creepers as a target for the totem. To cap it all of, place a totem top block on your totem. A lightning will strike if you set it up correctly. Keep in mind that a totem may not be more than 7 blocks high!






Something special for rpg servers or creative players / mapmakers:

Corrupted totems! They basically work like normal mob spawners, but are set up a bit differently:

Every totem block has a corrupted counterpart, which are currently not craftlable. They way to set up the totem is the same, just that you can leave out the difficulty lvl block (the counterpart to the range determining offering block). No difficulty block will make regular mobs spawn, but with the difficulty set the mobs will carry better armor and swords. At the moment, when using the difficulty blocks, skeletons will have swords instead of bows, but this will change in the next update though.

This is the only feature added in the 3.0 update, if you don't need it you can stick with the 2.0 update.






If you discover any bugs, feel free to inform me!


Do you have any suggestions? Do you consider the crafting repecies to easy or to expensive? Go ahead and tell me what you think

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Thanks for the feedback :)


I'm not sure what you mean with the attract ... Should it act like a kind of mobspawner? That would be fairly easy for me to implement. But if it should make mobs go to the location I have no clue on how to do this, as this would mean modifying the AI of the mobs and I got no clue on how to do this.

I will look into adding a type of Totem that will summon mobs, so basically an inverted version of what I already have. I will have to look for a way on how to make it balanced, though ...

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Something that acts like a modified version of the normal mob spawner would work for what I want. Maybe the mobs it spawns are a little stronger, or another possibility is the totem actually hurts the plays and "good" mobs while spawning the standard mob.


Let me explain the reason I ask, I run a small RPG server, on it we have a few small tombs, a large crypt, and an evil temple (plus some places I would like to add in the future) and while I can add the normal spawner, I like the look of the totems and going forward may be able to work in a quest involving "The light and dark totems".

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Ok, I think I got what you are looking for:

The corrupted totem has a slightly changed texture, and is set up almost the same way the normal totem is. Only that the counterpart to the offering block is not required, but optional.

The lvl 1 difficulty block will spawn monsters with leather and chainmail armor, carrying a stone sword, the lvl 2 mobs will carry iron gear and a diamond chestplate.


The 3.0 version can now be downloaded, a more detailed description and screenshots will be added later.


Have fun :)

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That looks great, I didn't have a whole lot of time last to play test it last night, but from the brief glance it looked and ran great. I'll have more time to actually really use it when we have our group play session over the weekend. I'll keep you posted, thanks again.

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  • 2 months later...

The mod still runs great, we have gotten allot of enjoyment out of the use of use both sets of totems... but I had a question and two requests. Question first, does this mod keep the chunk that it is in active even when no player has that chunk loaded??? It seems when I am looking at the server console, that totems are killing things, when someone has the world is loaded but no one is anywhere near a totem... I could be mistaken about all this, and I hope all of that made sense.


As to the requests, 1) could you add a block to kill\spawn enders??? 2) could a block be created that spawns zombie pigmen who protect the totem if it is attacked??? Maybe use the same mechanic that is used by wolves when a player attacks one of them. Not sure how hard that would be to do, but even a block that just spawned pigmen would be neat...

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  • 1 month later...
  • 1 month later...

I forgot to update this, but I found what was acting as a chuckloader, it was mistake on my part. As to the lack of time, completely understand, and wanted to thank you one last time for a great mod that has become a staple for all our cities (and the corrupted totems have been great adventure hooks)... Thanks again...

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