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MC Server 1.8 w/forge 1334 or 1336 Internal Exception


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I know this is an old problem and I have reading as much as I can to find a solution but I am getting the dreaded... Internal exception: io.netty.handler.timeout.readTimeoutexception this is happening on both sides of my router from multiple different players and so far everything I have read gives a different solution and none have worked. Here are some of things I have tried, I changed the max-tick-time to 0, lowered the network-compression-threshold to 100, played with the view-distance right now it is 10, reverted back to the recommended version of forge 1334. Given all I have read, I am fairly certain this isn't a forge issue but my players and I have spent to much time on this world and I am just not sure where to turn at this point. Any advise or suggestions would be much appreciated (please be gentle, this is my first server and I am still new to all of this), and I dont know if it will help but i'll post a crash log.



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