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1.7.10 - Help starting to mod for servers


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First of, let me introduce myself. I'm new to modding, but extremely motivated to walk the long mile and learn. I'm a 35 year old guy from Norway, who has been playing Minecraft on and off since alpha. I've also hosted a few FTB servers, but now I want to develop :)


Ive been trying to find tutorials on how to mod server side mods (like home, teleportation, protection, etc), but so far I've been unable to find anything that will get me on the right track. I'm not interested in learning how to create in-game blocks, items and such.


Any help to get me on the track to become a great java programmer and forge modder is much appreciated.


I've done tutorials from thenewboston + some others, and done the basic server command tutorial on forge, and I'm really pumped to learn more.


Thanks alot in advance :)

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It's good that you have put in effort to learn, and the desire is there. However, for server-side modding, Bukkit plugin development is what you want to look into, not Forge modding. Look up kennethbgoodin Bukkit tutorials on YouTube. They're great for beginners.

Maker of the Craft++ mod.

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While I can't give you any suggestions for tutorials(as I've never seen one), I thought I would warn you about some potential problems you may run into while trying to do utility development for modded servers.


Probably the biggest problem, is that many events you may want to use for things like protection simply don't exist in forge(such as endermen block interaction). Any missing events would need to created for yourself using ASM, which is a bytecode manipulation framework, and ASM is a little bit harder than just basic modding. The alternative to using ASM to create your own events, would be to do as Anon10W1z suggested, and use Cauldron for the server, allowing Bukkit plugins. While Bukkit has a much larger range of events, Cauldron doesn't always play nice with all mods, and Bukkit events have a tendency to not be triggered by modded items(GriefPrevention Bukkit plugin vs Thaumcraft wand of excavation).


Basically, Forge has infinite possibilities, but it'll take a lot of work to realize them. While Bukkit is easier, but will probably not interact with mods quite how you would like.


If you have any questions about specific things (Forge code/ASM/Bukkit theory) feel free to send me a message and I'll do my best to help you out, as I've gone into a lot of these things before.

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Hello and thank you guys for good answers.


The reason I wanted to do forge modding instead of bukkit is because of the DMCA takedown. I am guessing that bukkit will be replaced with something better in the future, and I didn't want to be reliant on cauldron.


Also, like you are saying, bukkit doesn't register item handling very well, and I wanted to do a protection plugin or mod.


Do any of you know if bukkit plugins will exist in the very near future without cauldron? I would not want to create something that will we out of date in a month.


Thanks again for the answers ☺

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Isn't spigot also affected by the takedown?



Really? I got a 1.8 version not long ago and it's easy to set up a dev environment for it. The only thing I think is affected is that they can't put up download links, which is why you need to build the jar yourself. Unless something has changed in the past month or so (I don't keep up to date on it) then it should still work.

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Above is true.


Since official github source has been taken down along with downloads, Spigot team (what's left of it), is making updates by patcher distribution that doesn't contain "taken-down" code (the one that was affected by DMCA) therefore it's legal.


I wouldn't really count on ANYTHING bukkit-based. That era has ended the day, some selfish persona done DMCA.


Next era would be Sponge project (for now doesn't have actual server implementation, just in-dev API that works with Forge).


If anything - invest you time in this. It comes with very good (still wip tho) docs, code and developers, and seems like it will lead in near future. Note that you can still code server mods with Forge.

1.7.10 is no longer supported by forge, you are on your own.

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