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[1.7.10] Vanilla: Mining lag with custom mod

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So I am trying to develop a major mod and so far I only have some ores, tools, and armour. Everything was going good until I found something funny about my mod. My brother and I were doing a pre-alpha test run and we noticed that immediately when I mined some coal with a wooden and stone pickaxe in survival and the blocks just started to not break and drop coal, instead it just appears back in it's place as coal. I mined it again and it happened again. We though it was a LAN lag spike of some sort but it wasn't. Then I thought it was a client-side lag on my end (he wasn't connected). I mined wood, dirt, sand, and stone, but it only appeared to be in really densely generated area. We were in a dense forest with a part of an extreme mountain biome border. Desert was fine, plains was fine, but it was just the densely populated area. I took my mod out and tested with just forge thinking it was forge, but no it was just my mod. I updated it to the latest 1.7.10 forge version and that didn't help either. I ran the mod in the IDE and I went into survival mode and now it just doesn't break any blocks. It's a big lag. My computer has 8 GIGS of RAM and a 2.8GHz processor so it's not my computer lagging. I'll make a GITHUB of my mod if anyone wants to look at my code. (P.S.: I tried updating to 1.8 but there was so many changes I couldn't figure out how to change my code, but I will once I find a way to do it. I reverted back to 1.7.10 and changed all the broken code back to the right code but then these problems began to arise.)


Please help, it's very aggravating. Thanks,


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Here is my code


1. Show your code.

2. Are you listening to any events related to block breaking?


No I am not. I don't usually come on here unless I'm getting an updated version of forge. I don't usually look at any other posts besides the forge download forums. Can you fill me in or link me to what you are referencing to?




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