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Using the scoreboard per player

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Ok so first of what i am trying to do.

I am trying to use the vanilla scoreboard to display information to a specific player. This is for a server side mod so i cant just access the scoreboard client side.

I have found a way to do this but its going to be a little tricky to implement so before i get started i want check if anyone knows a better way.


After digging through the scoreboard code i have found that i can do this using the following packets.


Sends the scoreboard objective to the client

S3BPacketScoreboardObjective(scoreObjective, 0)

Displays the objective in the sidebar

S3DPacketDisplayScoreboard(1, scoreObjective)

Updates a spacific score in the objecting.

S3CPacketUpdateScore(score, 0)


Working example


ServerScoreboard scoreboard = (ServerScoreboard) MinecraftServer.getServer().worldServerForDimension(0).getScoreboard();
ScoreObjective scoreObjective = scoreboard.getObjective("Test");
Score score = scoreboard.func_96529_a("brandon3055", scoreObjective);

player.playerNetServerHandler.sendPacket(new S3BPacketScoreboardObjective(scoreObjective, 0));
player.playerNetServerHandler.sendPacket(new S3DPacketDisplayScoreboard(1, scoreObjective));
player.playerNetServerHandler.sendPacket(new S3CPacketUpdateScore(score, 0));



The problem i encountered is if i use S3BPacketScoreboardObjective to add an objective that already exists or remove one that dose not exist it crashes the client.

This means i am going to have to come up with a tracking system to keep track of what objective each player currently has displayed and make sure i dont remove or add an objective that already exists. It would also have to keep track of when a player relogs.



Edit: On second thought i only need to send the player one objective which i can send on login. Then i can just change the name, contents and visibility of that objective as needed.

I am the author of Draconic Evolution

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