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Overwrite vanilla milk bucket and make milk a fluid?

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I was wondering how to overwrite the vanilla milk bucket so I can make milk a fluid, as MFR does. Also, If it's possible, have my mod detect if MFR is installed and use it's fluid instead of adding my own.

Legend of Zelda Mod[updated September 20th to 3.1.1]

Extra Achievements(Minecraft 1.8!)[updated April 3rd to 2.3.0]

Fancy Cheeses[updated May 8th to 0.5.0]

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For overwriting what the milk bucket does, use PlayerInteractEvent, check if they are holding a milk bucket and then do the same logic that the normal buckets have. Then to fill it you'd use FillBucketEvent, like with any fluid.

For using MFR's fluid, just check if there is a fluid in the FluidRegistry with the correct name already.

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    • You cannot reliably do this. What you can do is try to find out by looking through ModList#getModFiles and check where the class came from. But this is unreliable, which is why for example @EventBusSubscriber requires you to specify the ModID.
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