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Is it possible to add a custom gamemode?


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as the subject says, is it possible to add a custom gamemode?

I searched through the forum, the javadocs and google but couldn't find any method to do this?

If not, is it possible to add a method for this or am I forced to override some minecraft/forge classes?


sincerely Max

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A gamemode is basically a set of player. abilities. You can tell the player he can fly, instabreak, don't break/place blocks,..... If that is good enough, then there you have it.


(Shameless plug:) I use a similar system to grant players flight but not creative mode with the command /fly.

Please send me all the typo's you found, I'm from Belgium and I'm a little dyslectic and suck @ typing.

width=700 height=100http://dries007.net/banner.png[/img]

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