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[SOLVED][1.4.2]Override(Overwrite ?) an existing biome


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Hello world !


I will be brief, just asking one question : is it possible, with Minecraft Forge, to change a specific Biome generation without modifying any BiomeGen<BIOME_NAME>.java ? Because I would not like to modify base classes.


That's all, thanks for your time !

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In the BiomeGen class (not sure which one, the one where all the biomes are declared) there are some variables. If you set a new value to any of those in the @Init or @PostInit methods of your mod, the biomes will change accordingly. I have no idea how to explain it in another way.

biomeGenSky = new BiomeGenSwamp();

would be an example. However, I haven't looked into any biomes for some time, and I can't tell you for certain this will work. Good luck on finding your solution!


EDIT: I have been looking around for you, and here it is:

BiomeGenBase.*variable of biome you want to overwrite* = *value with which to overwrite*
For instance:
BiomeGenBase.biomeGenHell = new BiomeGenPlains();

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im also having problem with my own biome's since 1.4. (worked all fine with older forge version for 1.3)


i cant use this anymore:


        this.theBiomeDecorator.treesPerChunk = -999;

        this.theBiomeDecorator.deadBushPerChunk = 0;

        this.theBiomeDecorator.reedsPerChunk = 0;

        this.theBiomeDecorator.cactiPerChunk = 0;


it say the "field not visible"?!

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Hey, thanks for your anwers !


Your method seems very good, I also tried another one :


BiomeGenBase.biomeLIst[NUMBER] = new BiomeGenX...


it seemed to work, otherwise yours seems better, I think I will use it.


I didn't know about @Init, @PostInit..., but it seems useful too.


@Odai : use access transformers. these awesome things I learnt about thanks to Ebilkill are really, really, really useful.

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