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[1.8.7] Customizing End Generation and Modifying Ender Dragon Properties


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Hey guys! This is my first post on the forums because my instructor has been able to help me with everything up until now. So, I've been developing a mod that's primarily Gem & ore generation based, but I want a dimension that is a modified end with a modified version of the ender dragon. I'm stuck though :/ I'm using the End's World Provider and Chunk Provider classes but I can't figure out where the actual dimension is called to generate, and where the ender dragon is generated as well.


My current code is here: [ github.com/Runner55/Gems/tree/master/com/camp/world ] if you need it.


Can you guys help me with the basics of modifying the end/bosses or at least tell me where I can find the method that calls them to generate?


--EDIT-- I found that it was a decorator that generated the features of the end, and that the end's biome is really sky :/ thanks Mojang for making it so complicated. Disregard this entire post :P. It's all fixed

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