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1.7.10 Detect if player has mod server-side


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I know this is not reliable.


Its for my mod Forge Creeper Heal.

I've done a profiler, see there :


Actually I send a packet to player with profiling data, so if client doesn't have mod he can't see profiling data. So I want to send him a chat message if he doesn't have mod clientside installed.

So this is just for ergonomic purpose, not security ;)

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You can use FMLNetworkEvent.CustomPacketRegistrationEvent to detect when a player registers a network channel:


if (event.operation.equals("REGISTER") && event.registrations.contains("myNetworkChannel") && event.handler instanceof NetHandlerPlayServer) {
    // player has your mod


Now store that information by e.g. registering an IExtendedEntityProperties then you can check if that is present later.

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Hum I can't get Player instance using this way, but I didn't know this annotation. Very interessant functionnality, I could surely be usefull to me on other devs.

I finally find an other solution. Client send a paquet with his mod version when he connect to the server. If server receive this paquet, it fix modVersion with extended properties else it's mean client doesn't have the mod installed.



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You can indeed not get the player in that method, but you don't need it. In that method you just check that either:

- the client does not have your mod installed (fine)

- the client does have your mod installed and the version is valid (fine)

- the client does have your mod installed and the version is not valid (not fine, FML will not allow the connection)


Then later you detect if the network channel is present (= your mod is installed). Here you do not need to check the version since only people with the correct version are allowed to connect.

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