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[1.8] WorldGen: replacing blocks with certain meta

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Hello guys, I tried to generate my own block by replacing granite (Blocks.stone.getStateFromMeta(1)); however, I don't know how to do it properly... the worldGen just replace all stone types (stone, granite, diorite, and andesite). Do you guys know how to replace a specific IBlockState?

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Check if the metadata of the block to be replaced is 1(Granite).

If you cannot, please post the code.


EDIT: Do not use metadata. You might be able to get the state 'Granite', and just compare it with state of a block.

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WorldGenMinable takes a Predicate<IBlockState> that tells it what to replace. By default it uses a Predicate that matches all of Blocks.stone. If you want to match only a specific IBlockState you can use Predicates.equalTo(<yourIBlockState>), otherwise make a custom Predicate implementation that matches whatever you want.

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