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[1.8] dimension generates with wrong biome types


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I have been trying for a while now to make my dimension one biome, and I recently made what i thought was a breakthrough.


Basically, with my fix, all the blocks and "filler" blocks are correct, but pressing f3 reveals that I am actually going through different biomes with properties i don't want in tmy dimension like snow. If i get lucky, my actual biome will spawn, and not just the blocks. How can i make it so that the only biome spawning is mine? (and as a side note, can i make it so the biome doesn't spwan in the overworld?)


here's the link to my "CustomChunkProvider" code



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That's what happened to me, qq, was never able to fix it. Before asking the community though, please look through the nether & end chunk providers, considering they make the entire dimension one biome.

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in the




In IDEA, you can press Ctrl-N and start typing a class name to search your project and libraries for matching classes. Eclipse probably has a similar feature.

Please don't PM me to ask for help. Asking your question in a public thread preserves it for people who are having the same problem in the future.

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