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HashMap of ItemStacks?


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How would I put and obtain the values within hashmap.  It always returns null?


class 1

public static HashMap<ItemStack, Integer> Levels = new HashMap(200)
ItemStack stack = new ItemStack(Blocks.stone);
Levels.put(stack, 5)



ItemStack stack = new ItemStack(Blocks.stone);
int requiredLevel = Levels.get(stack)//Is Null



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doesn't override the


method, so two instances are treated as different keys even if they share the same contents.


To use an


as a key, you'll need a wrapper class that overrides


to return the hash code of the


's contents;


will combine the hash codes of multiple objects for you.


Exactly which parts of the


you use in the hash code depends on your requirements: Do you only care about the


, stack size and metadata; or do you include the NBT as well?




to return the hash of its contents, so you don't need to calculate that yourself.

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also, if you'll only need to differentiate between item, stack size and metadata, and if you won't need to put or get things into the map too often then you could put/get ItemStack.toString. I think it would work, but it's probably slow.

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If you don't want to use a wrapper class you can also use a TCustomHashMap from the trove library (Minecraft comes with it). This lets you specifiy how to calculate equals and hashCode instead of using the normal methods.


While I will probably just use wrapper objects, that's pretty neat.

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