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[1.7.10] Slightly "Glitchy" Mob Animation?


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I've had this issue for a while and am not quite sure what the problem is. My mobs' animations seem a bit choppy, as seen here.


The mob is just a scaled up ModelBiped.


The Renderer class:

public class RenderSizeable extends RenderLivingCreature {

protected float scale;

public RenderSizeable(ModelBase var1, float shadowsize, float scale, ResourceLocation texture) {
	super(var1, shadowsize * scale, texture);
	this.scale = scale;

public void preRenderScale(EntityMob var1, float var2) {
	GL11.glScalef(this.scale, this.scale, this.scale);

protected void preRenderCallback(EntityLivingBase var1, float var2) {
	this.preRenderScale((EntityMob)var1, var2);


Any idea what the issue might be?

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Why dont you just use the normal doRender method in an entity renderer and do something like






It seems like you're overcomplicating thi.

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