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[1.8] Accessing TileEntity from gui? [SOLVED]


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I have a variable within my TileEntity that is used to determine which items are shown.  This variable will be changed within the gui.



public class GuiModTileEntity extends GuiContainer{

private int tabX = 250;
private int tabY = 220;

public GuiModTileEntity(IInventory playerInv, ModTileEntity te) {
        super(new ContainerModTileEntity(playerInv, te));

        this.xSize = 274;
        this.ySize = 224;

    protected void drawGuiContainerBackgroundLayer(float partialTicks, int mouseX, int mouseY) {
    protected void mouseClickMove(int mouseX, int mouseY, int clickedMouseButton, long timeSinceLastClick)
    	//Set variable within ModTileEntity?


How can I access the current tile entity that is activated, or should I go about it a different way?

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