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Using Forge with BungeeCord that has ip_forward enabled?


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My server has primarily been Bukkit/Spigot with a hub and connected servers through BungeeCord but several of my players have expressed an interest in Forge mods. Forge is supported on BungeeCord but from what I can tell it only works if ip_forward is disabled. I want ip_forward enabled so that IPs can be banned and UUIDs are forwarded.


Is there a mod which allows Forge to work on BungeeCord with ip_forward enabled?



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The issue is that the protocol that is defined for the ip_forward is crap.

It conflicts with others usages of a certain packet's field in a non-forward compatible way.

If they ever decide to design a better protocol for it then I'm fine with supporting it, it's like a 2 line change.

HOWEVER there needs to be protection in right now I can just spam whatever IP/UUID to a server and they will accept that it's me.

It's basically free proxies/impersonations.


Beyond that the way they have it designed 'If there is anything in that field IT MUST be ONLY IPForwarding' is incompatible with Forge.

A simple way to do it would be to make the packet a key, value pair list. Which Forge does for it's marker.

So it's on them to design something that is sane.



TLDR: BungeeCord needs to make something sane/safe and then i'll look into supporting it.


I do Forge for free, however the servers to run it arn't free, so anything is appreciated.
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